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Inessa Gasparyan, also called InaG is a German singer, songwriter, composer, record producer, actress, model, host, designer, businesswoman and founder of the company InaG Imperia.

She was born on February 1st, 1988 in Yerevan, Armenia, where she has spent her early childhood. 
Inessa's roots are ¾ Armenian and ¼ Russian. She grew up speaking four different languages: Armenian, Russian, German and English. In the year 1993 Inessa resettled with her family to Germany, since then Germany became to her home.

Since the day that Inessa was born she lived and grew up with music. At the age of 2 she already knew she wanted to be a singer. She imitated all singers whoever she have seen on TV, heard on radio or tapes. Even if Inessa was too young for being able to express all lyrics correctly and actually didn't really understand what about she was singing, but all the same she has sung, invented similar words and sung always and everywhere, entertained peoples day and night. Since this time Inessa found her seldom love for microphones, desired to own all kind of them, when other little girls wanted a new doll Inessa wanted a new microphone. 
At the age of 7 Inessa started to study playing piano, but somehow at the age of 10 she canceled the lessons. Her mother gave her best to change Inessa's decision, but she preferred to spend her free time with her friends and therefore she didn't develop to a unique pianist, but all the same she knows how to treat a piano right and is able to sing only by reading the notes.
Inessa's mother is an educated pianist, and it isn't a wonder that music has been always a part of Inessa's life and has always drew her attention. She has musical talent in her blood, that's obvious and absolutely naturally that this young lady felt the need inside to follow her big love for music and entertain the world on a higher level. 

At the age of 17 she started to go her professional way in the Music Industry and since this time the central point of her life became creating music, this addiction and love for music grew day by day more and more. 
First Inessa has begun as singer only, after many musicians motivated her to write own lyrics as well, she tried it, and soon she was writing for other artists, too. At the age of 17 she was singer and songwriter in one. 
At next Inessa Gasparyan found her way into Movie Industry. Even since her childhood she made countless experiences by playing in many theatrical performances, but his here was much different, since the year 2005 she started acting for TV productions.
Step by step Inessa grew as artist, developed as singer, songwriter and performer, and soon came new areas. At the age of 19 she made a complicated experience what was very important for her development as musician. Basically 
is was nothing special, she just signed a deal to produce some songs. It was planed that she had to be only the vocalist and sing her written lyrics, but somehow the music producer and Inessa have misunderstood each other and the production got out of control. Inessa expected to get beside the music arrangement also the vocal melodies, but she got only the beats with some music loops mixed. This music producer wasn't able to compose vocal melodies, too. He was a good producer, but his main point was Hip Hop, he did mainly the beats and engineering jobs, but a good song, especially a ballad couldn't become well without a beautiful melody. In this situation Inessa had two possibilities, first one: was ending the production, second one: was rescuing this production. She chose the second version. For to save it, Inessa found a separate composer for creating with him the melodies and produce the arrangement of the songs with the mentioned music producer. But also this composer wasn't able to create an acceptable melody for already a done music arrangement. Inessa was despaired, didn't know what to do, the only chance for saving this production was doing all by herself. Even though she had no experiences in this area, even if it overtaxed her strenght, it was simply more than she could handle at this time, but she felt that somehow she will gonna make it. And so she took the leadership of this production, started composing the vocal melodies together with her mother, went to studio and arranged the songs with her mother and her mentioned music producer, and through all these troubles she grew to a co-composer and co-music producer. 
Like all young girls, likewise Inessa Gasparyan always loved fashion and everything what's stylish and it was more than welcome as 2007 she got the offer to become a model, since then she started being active as model. 
After taking a break from Music Industry for a while, she decided to produce some new songs, but after long time searching for the right music producers for her projects, she found only unfit musicians and realized that nobody 
is really able to create exactly those songs what she is planing to produce. Here was the next challenge, again through troubles she grew, from co-producer she became to executive producer. In the year 2008 she has equipped her own recording studio and started producing songs all by herself. Her musical partner was her mother. Inessa has written her own lyrics, composed the vocal melodies, created the music arrangements, recorded the vocals, mixed, engineered and by this way produced her musical visions and ideas. As a result of challenges, step by step she became to a multi-function musician. During the next years, among other things, she was also working on several projects and for different music productions with other artists. 
Inessa's love for singing ballads never changed, although she likes to be creative, try new things and make different experiences, but her music style always stood R&B, Soul and Pop. And her unmistakable voice speaks for itself, her various voice sounds and the ability singing bass, alto and soprano, altogether 5 octaves making her to one of the most talented artist in the world. And whoever worked with Inessa can only confirm, that working with this ambitious lady makes lots of fun, but during the work she is very professional, always gives her all to give perfect made work with high quality. 
After being exhausted of too much work and stress, she needed some rest to get back her energy to the right place. From 2011 to 2013 she was involved more in background works, to have more time for her own needs.

As Inessa got recovered and all her power was back, she started with new projects. Fall 2013 she founded her own company called 
InaG Imperia. The main area of the company was creating own designs with the own brand named InaG Imperia.  And head designer of the company was Inessa. 
During the time Inessa Gasparyan grew more and more into a true businesswoman. And since early 2016 she started being involved into investment businesses. With the time became for her the work behind the scenes more important, than the entertainment part in front of the others. The entertainment part always stood as an important part of her life, but became more into a fun thing, than a real work for her. All other things are work, but entertaining people is just fun for her.
Beside of all the work and responsibility as entrepreneur, she never lost her love for music or entertainment. Therefore she decided to get back to studio for working on her upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released in late 2024. 


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